Welcome to Pete Marsh Art

I completed an Art Foundation Course at Bournville School of Art and Design and graduated from Sheffield Polytechnic in Fine Art (Painting and Printmaking). During the following years I have produced paintings and original prints, worked part-time at Ikon Gallery, Birmingham and taught Art to adults in Oldham and Bolton, Greater Manchester and Design to 11-18year olds.

My work is representational comprising largely of landscape and figurative work. I have always loved to draw and drawing, whether it involves a pencil, a brush, fingers or a rag remains an important part of what I do. My work is perceptual rather than conceptual, emotional rather than intellectual and I prefer expression over realism, subtlety over sensationalism, substance over novelty and intuition over reason. I hope to express something beyond visual verisimilitude.

My work is available from various galleries across England and Scotland and works are held in private collections in the U.K., Belgium, Germany, U.S.A., Puerto Rico, Canada and Australia.