During the mid-1980’s I was a member of the stage crew at The International Club, Manchester and subsequently at Manchester Apollo. This involved working at various venues including Birmingham NEC, St. George’s Hall Bradford, Preston Guildhall, Sheffield City Hall, Monsters of Rock (now known as “Download”), Roundhey Park, Leeds and various stadium shows. My interest in music stems from an early age when my parents would regularly listen to Classical music. My mother introduced me to Jazz with the likes of Count Basie and Duke Ellington and later on I introduced her to rock with the likes of Wishbone Ash. In between this we were all touched by the music of the Sixties which my elder sister would bring home. I can still remember her sat in front of our black and white television set with mascara running down her cheeks whilst she watched The Beatles! The complex relationships between audience and performers fascinates me. This interest in music can be seen in my artwork where I am less concerned with topographical detail but much more interested in the overall dynamic, mood and atmosphere of live performance. Whenever possible I prefer to work from life and will sketch members of a band during the sound-check. It is usually too dark to sketch during the gig and besides, I want to drink in the atmosphere and experience the feel of the music and audience reaction during a performance. Paintings will be developed based on sketches from life, digital manipulation of photographs taken during the gig and carefully observed memories of both the sound-check and the live stage performance. I have been enormously encouraged by the comments made by numerous musicians about paintings and prints in which they feature.